DVD Demystified First Edition includes a sample disc with DVD-Video samples and DVD-ROM files. The disc was authored and pre-mastered by Rainmaker Interactive and replicated by Pioneer Video Manufacturing. This disc is only available in first-edition copies of DVD Demystified.

DVD-Video portion of sample disc

Pioneer New Media Technologies
(DVD basics)
The Power of DVD
2014 (SHORT cinema journal)
(animation, angles, parental lock)
Big Story
Henry Rollins
Dolby Laboratories
(multichannel digital audio)
Dolby Digital Train Trailer
Dolby Digital Canyon Trailer
Dolby Digital Egypt Trailer
Dolby Digital City Trailer
Lucasfilm THX
(audio/video certification)
THX Theatrical Trailer ("Tex")
THX Digital Mastering Trailer
Elite Entertainment
Lady In White Trailer
(education, multilingual audio)
Origin of Earth's Atmosphere
Telescope Mirror Lab
Third Planet Entertainment
(computer graphics)
Planetary Traveler demo
Test patterns and samples
Video patterns
Compression samples (2 Mbps to 8 Mbps)

DVD-ROM portion of sample disc