Jim Taylor's Publications, Presentations, Pontifications, and Other Productions

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Nov 17, 2015, Newport Beach, CA
APEX Technology Conference
Speaker: Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) Common File Format (CFF)  
Feb 20, 2013, Indian Wells, CA
HPA Tech Retreat
Panelist: Consumer Forecast: Cloudy but Clearing
Co-panelists: Seth Hallen - Testronic Labs [moderator], Chris Carey - Verizon Digital Media Services, Steven Chester - Akamai, John Crosier - Cinram. Ellen Goodridge - Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Sep 5, 2012, London, UK
Academy on UltraViolet - DEG/MESA
Speaker: UltraViolet Demystified  
Jun 18, 2012, London, UK
London Video Rendezvous
Speaker: UltraViolet: The Cloud - a silver lining?
Co-panelists: Lesley Johnson - BBC, Maria Ingold - Mireality, Bob Auger - Newmérique)
May 17, 2012, Los Angeles, CA
Academy on UltraViolet - DEG/MESA
Speaker: DRM Demystified  
Apr 19, 2012 Las Vegas, NV
Packaged Media and Beyond 2012
Speaker: Clouds on the Horizon - Online Entertainment & UltraViolet  
Feb 16, 2012, Indian Wells, CA
HPA Tech Retreat
Speaker: Content-Consumption Ecosystems - Obscured by Clouds  
Jan 9, 2012, Las Vegas, NV
CES/Storage Visions
Panelist: The Long and Winding Tail: Content Delivery Where Ever and When Ever
(Co-panelists: David Doering - TechVoice [moderator], James Myers - Intel, Jeff Hastings - Brightsign, Andy Lawrence - xStream Technology, Jay Elliot - Nuvel)
Apr 6, 2011, Palo Alto, CA
Digital Entertainment 2.0 Executive Brainstorm
Panelist: 2011: The Year of the Digital Locker  
Mar, 2011, Las Vegas, NV
Packaged Media 2011 - MEDIA-TECH/Colonial Purchasing
Speaker: Transitioning from physical to electronic content delivery  
Jan 7, 2011, Las Vegas, NV
International CES
Panelist: Kings of Convergence
(Co-panelists: Becky Worley - ABC [moderator], Paul Daugherty - Accenture, Kuk Yi - Best Buy, Jonathan Zuck - Association for Competitive Technology)
Oct 21, 2010, London, UK
The Future of Digital Media Distribution
Panelist: The battle for the connected living room
(Co-panelists: Ben Keen and Dan Cryan [moderators] - Screen Digest, Jeremy Allaire - Brightcove, Sarah Milton - Channel Four, Vikas Gupta - Transgaming, Alex Green - VirginMedia )
Apr 11, 2010, Las Vegas, NV
NAB Show 2010
Panelist: 3D TV Distribution: Which Platform(s) Will Succeed?
(Co-panelists: Patrick Griffis [moderator] - Dolby, Chris Johns - B Sky B, David Broberg - CableLabs, Mark Richer - ATSC, Tony Jasionowski - Panasonic)
Mar 10-11, 2010, London
PEVE Digital Entertainment 2010
Speaker: Unlocking Interoperability - Will Initiatives Like DECE Work?
(Co-speaker: Tim Wright - Sony Pictures Entertainment)
: Getting Digital Content to the Consumer
(Co-panelists: Dan Cryan [moderator] - Screen Digest, Arash Amel [moderator] - Screen Digest, Tom Cordiner - Technicolor, Jerry Johnson - Xbox, Ariff Sidi - ABC Digital Media, Joe Trainor - Level 3 Communications)
Feb 17, 2010, Rancho Mirage, CA
HPA Tech Retreat
Panelist: Future of Packaged Media: Kiosks vs. Brick & Mortar
(Co-panelists: Steve Cohen, Raging River [moderator], Ratnakar Lavu - Redbox, Tim Hogan - DVD Station, Jens U Horstmann - NCR, Howell Ivy - Raging River)
Jan 2010, Las Vegas, NV
CES/Storage Visions
Speaker: The Future of Content Delivery  
Nov 5, 2009, Palo Alto, CA
German American Business Association (GABA)
Panelist: The Future of Home Entertainment
(Co-panelists: Steffen Bartschat [moderator] - Sonic, Todd Collart - Deluxe Digital Studios,  Jeff Klugman - TiVo, Michael McGuire - Gartner, Jerry Pierce - AZEC, Roland Vlaicu - Dolby)
Oct 14, 2009, London, UK
Streaming Media Europe 2009
Panelist: Reaching Multiple Screen Convergence: Streaming to the PC, Mobile, Television, and Gaming Devices
(Co-panelists: Martin Sutherland [moderator] - Vantrix, Pierre-Yves Le Berre - Anevia, James A Neufeld - never.no)
Aug 5, 2008, San Jose, CA
Digital Hollywood/CEA Building Blocks 2008
Panelist: The NexGen Entertainment Home Experience - From the Smart & Connected TV to the PVR, Set-Top & PC Experience
(Co-panelists: Rick Doherty - The Envisioneering Group [Moderator], JT Taylor - Cisco, Richard Carriere - Nero, John Gildred - SyncTV, Vic Odryna - ZeeVee, Michael Spilo - NETGEAR, David Adams - RallyPoint )
May 7, 2008, Hollywood, CA
Digital Hollywood Spring 2008
Interview: The Future of DVD and Blu-ray
Apr 18, 2008, Paris, France
PEVE Digital Entertainment Conference
Panelist: Defining the Future of Packaged Media: What Next for Blu-ray?
(Co-panelists: Tom Adams [moderator] - Adams Media Research, Jean-Michel Cathonnet - Cinram, Frank Simonis - Blu-ray Disc Association, David Stevens - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Michael Gutowski - Infodisc Technology)
Apr 17, 2008, Paris, France
PEVE Digital Entertainment Conference
Panelist: The Role of Manufacturing-on-Demand in Extending the Long Tail
(Co-panelists: Helen Davis Jayalath [moderator] - Screen Digest, Anthony Bay - MOD Systems, Daniel Doll-Steinberg - Tribeka, Marcus Stewart Vannini, Eros International)
Mar 5, 2008, Miami, FL
Media-Tech Conference 2008
Speaker: Qflix - Another Revenue Avenue
Jan 8, 2008, Las Vegas, NV
International CES
Panelist: Downloading and Streaming HD over the Air-Home Video's Future
(Co-panelists: Wilson Rothman [moderator] - Gizmodo, Betsy Scolnik - National Geographic Digital Media, Jim Wuthrich, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Mark Pascarella - Gotuit Media, Patrick Cosson - Vudu)
Oct 11, 2006, Long Beach, CA
Media-Tech Showcase and Conference '06
Keynote: Next Generation DVD Formats: What it Takes to Make a Title
Aug 15, 2006, Beverly Hills, CA
DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2006: The Future of Television
Panelist: Outlook for High-Definition DVD Players - What Does the Adoption Curve Look Like?
(Co-panelists: Ross Young - DisplaySearch [moderator], Mark Knox - Toshiba, Jeff Goldstein - Sony, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki - Panasonic)
Aug 7, 2006, Universal City, CA
DVD Forum North American DVD Conference
Speaker: End-to-End Authoring
Mar 29, 2006, Los Angeles, CA
Digital Hollywood
Moderator: The DVD Association Workshops - Part II Next Generation DVD - Content Makers
(Co-panelists: Bruce Nazarian - Digital Media Consulting Group, Kevin Collins - Microsoft, Steve Venezia - Dolby Labs, Joseph McCrossan - Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, Morgan Holly - Ascent Media, Jim Burger - Dow, Lohnes & Albertson)
Jan 2006, Las Vegas, NV
Storage Visions
Speaker: Mixed Media - The Blurring Line Between Virtual and Physical  
Dec, 2005, Los Angeles, CA
DV Expo West
Moderator: HD DVD and Blu-ray
(Co-panelists: Andy Parsons - Pioneer, Duncan Wain - Comchoice, Bruce Nazarian - Gnome Digital)
Nov, 2005
Book: DVD Demystified, 3nd Edition
With co-authors Mark Johnson and Charles Crawford
Sep 28, 2005, San Francisco, CA
Panelist: Imaging Interoperability Between CE Devices - How Do We Get There?
(Co-panelists: Parker Lee - OSTA Chair [Moderator], Dr. Mark Tarlton - Motorola Labs, George Lynch - HP)
Jan 6 & 7, 2005, Las Vegas, NV
International CES
Speaker: DVD Demystified, Take 2: The Upcoming HD DVD Formats
Jan 5, 2005, Las Vegas, NV
International CES
Speaker: The Future of DVD
Dec 8, 2004, Los Angeles, CA
DV Expo West
Speaker: The Future of DVD
Oct 19, 2004, San Francisco, CA
Moderator: Managing the Digital File Explosion
(Co-panelists: Kevin Woolery - Buzznet, Melani DiNapoli - Gracenote, Bill Holmes - DivX Networks, Richard Mandeberg - Mirra)
May 6, 2004, Dallas, TX
Connections - The Digital Home Conference and Showcase
Panel speaker: DRM: How to Ensure that “Anti-Piracy” Does Not Become “Anti-Consumer”
(Co-panelists: Jeff Joseph - CEA [co-moderator], Kurt Scherf - Parks Associates [co-moderator], Mohan Atreya - RSA Security, Brad Auerbach - DVD Audio Council, Donald  Leake - IBM Research, Brian Tucker - Intel Corporation)
Jan 9, 2004, Las Vegas, NV
International CES
Panel speaker: Making Music and Movies Mobile
(Co-panelists: Tekla Perry - IEEE Spectrum [moderator], Tim Bratton - RealNetworks, Tom Mock - Wye Consulting, Dave Singer - Apple Computer)
Nov 21, 2003, Beverly Hills, CA
DVD Forum 2003 U.S. Conference
Panel speaker: Future of DVD
(Co-panelists: Peter Kastner - Aberdeen Group [moderator], Brian Heuckroth - Cirrus Logic, Matt Jarman - ClearPlay)
Nov 2-3, 2003, Carribean
Home Theater Cruise
Panel speaker: The Future Of Prerecorded HD
(Co-panelists: Gary Reber - Widescreen Review [moderator], Joe Kane - Joe Kane Productions, Rick Dean - THX, Richard Webb - Pixonics)
Panel speaker: Copy Protection & A/V Interfaces
(Co-panelists: Gary Reber - Widescreen Review [moderator], Alen Koebel - Christie Digital Systems, Demian Martin - consultant, Brett Gaines - Silicon Image and HDMI Licensing, John Tunnell - Consumer Electronics Association)
Q & A Session
(Participants: Gary Reber - Widescreen Review [moderator], Al Schmitt - Bop City Records, Alan Parsons - recording engineer and producer, and music artist, Alen Koebel - Christie Digital Systems, Art Noxon - Acoustic Sciences Corporation, Bob Hodas - audio acoustics professional and recording engineer, Bobby Owsinski - Surround Associates, Brett Gaines - Silicon Image and HDMI Licensing, Brian Towne - DTS, Demian Martin - consultant, Dennis Erskine - Design Cinema Privee, Don Stewart - Stewart Filmscreen, Dr. William Bleha - JVC North America R&D Center, Elliot Scheiner - Bop City Records, Gerry Lemay - Quest Acoustical Interiors and Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA), Herman Cárdenas - NetStreams, James Wellnitz - Accurate Imaging Technologies, Jason Thompson - Texas Instruments, Jim Burns - Burns Digital Consultants, Joe Kane - Joe Kane Productions, John Tunnell - Consumer Electronics Association, Norm Varney - A/V RoomService, Perry Sun - Widescreen Review, Phil Ramone - recording producer and engineer, Richard Webb - Pixonics, Rick Dean - THX, Robert Margouleff - MiCasa Multimedia)
Nov, 2003
Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About DVD
A print version of Jim's acclaimed Internet DVD FAQ.
Oct 14, 2003, Carlsbad, CA
OSTA Optical Storage Symposium
Panel moderator: Capturing Content
(Co-panelists: John Godwin - Movielink , Avi Greengart - Jupiter Research, Jeff Klugman - Tivo, John Minakais - 321 Studios)
Oct 13, 2003, Carlsbad, CA
OSTA Optical Storage Symposium/CEA Industry Forum
Panel speaker: What's Fueling the Digital Video Recording Fire?
(Co-panelists: Maciek Brzeski - Toshiba [moderator], Felix Nemirovsky - Chuba Consulting, Sean Wargo - Consumer Electronics Association, Sean Stead - Samsung America)
Oct 6, 2003, Tokyo, Japan
Zoran Driving the Digital Lifestyle
Panel speaker: Software Applications
(Co-panelists: Tim Bajarin - Creative Strategies [moderator], Todd Rumaner - ArcSoft)
May 8, 2003, New Orleans, LA
Microsoft WinHEC 2003
Panel speaker: The WinHEC 2003 Writable DVD Panel
(Co-panelists: David Bunzel, OSTA [moderator], Tony Jasionowski, Panasonic, Andy Parsons, Pioneer, Frank Simonis, Philips)
Feb 6, 2003, San Jose, CA
DCD Expo
Panel speaker: WebDVD Hybrids and How to Create Them
(Co-panelists: Bryant Frazer - PBI [moderator], Todd Collart - InterActual)
Speaker: High Density Road Map: Where Do the New Optical Formats Fit in Tomorrow’s Distribution Scenarios
Jan 11, 2003, Las Vegas, CA
International CES
Panel speaker: Recordable DVD: Say So Long to Tape?
(Co-panelists: Jimmy Schaeffler - The Carmel Group [moderator], Dean Sanderson - Hewlett-Packard, Joseph Stinziano - Sony Electronics, Ken Soohoo - Planetweb)
Jan 2003, Las Vegas, NV
Storage Visions
Speaker: The Future of Storage - How Will I Get It? Where Will I Put It?  
Dec 9, 2002, Los Angeles, CA
DV Expo
Panel speaker: Enhanced DVD
(Co-panelists: Ralph LaBarge - AlphaDVD [moderator], Clint Ludeman - InterActual)
Sep 16, 2002, San Francisco, CA
OSTA Optical Storage Symposium
Panel speaker: The Future of Content Delivery and Storage
(Co-panelists: Rusty Rosenberger - OSTA Chairman [moderator], Wes Brewer - SanDisk, Greg Sanderson - Astound Broadband)
Sep 7, 2002, Santa Barbara, CA
Jackson Hole Symposium - Digital Synthesis
Panel moderator: New Media / New Encoding
(Co-panelists: John David Cameron - Earthship.tv, Dan Gehred - Microsoft, Paul Liao - Panasonic, Tom McMahon - DGFX, Greg Roach - Hyperbole Productions)
Aug 1, 2002, Burbank, CA
Speaker: The Many Faces of DVD Recordable
(With Yan Shvalb of Future Media Concepts)
May 14, 2002
TV Guide Tech Guide
Interviewed for article: Home Movies on DVD: Digi-Memories
May 13, 2002, San Jose, CA
IDEMA Mini Symposium
Speaker: CPRM Demystified
Apr 1, 2002
Interview: The space age: DVDs rise to tomorrow's storage challenges
Mar 2002, Dublin, Ireland
DVD Summit IV
Keynote Speaker: DVD At the Crossroads
Head to Head: How to Survive Desktop DVD?
(A dialog with Bob Auger of Newmerique Consultants. Panel with Bob Auger - Dan Daley of Tape-Disc Business - and Dr. Mark Waldrep of AIX Media Group)
Mar 2002
Daily Universe (Provo, UT)
Interview: DVDs Dominate Digital Marketplace
Nov 19, 2001
TV Guide Tech Guide
Interviewed for article: Recordable DVD: Land of Confusion
Aug 28, 2001, Las Vegas, NV
Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA)
Speaker: The DVD Breakthrough: Answers to Burning Questions
Panel speaker: DVD In Demand: What's New, What's Next?
Jul 2001, Monterey, CA
DVD Pro 2001
Pre-conference seminar: What DVD Can Do: DVD Beyond the Pale
Panel moderator:
Personalizing DVD Playback: Is it Safe?
(Co-panelists: Alan Melby - Viewer Freedom, Gordon Barrett - SelectViewing, Bill Aho - MovieGuide)
Panel speaker: Writable DVD: Next Time, It's Personal? 
(Co-panelists: Stephen Nathans - EMedia Magazine [moderator], Dana J. Parker - DVD Report, Mike Evangelist - Apple Computer)
Jun 2001, Hong Kong
Digital Production Seminar
Speaker: Digital Video Publishing with DVD
Apr 2001, London, UK
DVD Europe 2001
Panel speaker: DVD Goes Beyond Entertainment
(Co-panelists: Richard Howeson - EuroTalk Interactive, Robin Sewell - Cambridge Multimedia)
TapeDisc Business, Apr, 2001 Spotlight interview, by Dan Daley
USA Today, Feb 26, 2001 Interviewed for article: DVD sales press fast-forward, by Mike Snider 
Feb 2001, Las Vegas, NV
DVDA International Conference
Pre-conference seminar: DVD: Portable Broadband
Panel moderator:
Web-connected DVD
(Co-panelists: Tony Knight - Spinware, Ray Ortali - Prime Technologies, Steve Perlman - Visible Light, Jim Wallace - PlanetWeb)
Asia Pacific Broadcasting, Jan 2001 Interview: DVD suitable for multimedia convergence
Interview: DVD bridges all platforms
Nov, 2000
Book: DVD Demystified, 2nd Edition
"The Bible" of the DVD industry.
Nov 2000, Singapore
APAC DVD Conference:
Digital Convergence Solutions 
Speaker: Portable Broadband
Nuts & Bolts of DVD Production
Speaker: DVD & Interactive TV
Here's a picture of me melting in the heat.

Panel moderator: DVD in the Internet Age
Panel moderator: The Future of DVD
(Co-panelists: Jeff Levison - DTS, Ralph LaBarge - Alpha DVD, Jeff Sunderland - DVD Technologies, Nick Tay - Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Harry Chua - A.C.E. Daikin)

Nov 2000, Sydney, Australia
APAC DVD Conference:
DVD Beyond Hollywood
Speaker: Portable Broadband
Nuts & Bolts of DVD Production
A picture of Jeff and Harry pretending to pay attention.

Panel moderator: DVD in the Internet Age
(Co-panelists: Ralph LaBarge - Alpha DVD, Jeff Sunderland - DVD Technologies, Nick Tay - Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Harry Chua - A.C.E. Daikin)

Sep 2000, Jackson, WY
Jackson Hole Symposium
Panelist: Cutting-Edge New Media: HD-DVD, WebDVD, and Datacasting
(Co-panelists: Fred Grossberg - Mill Reef Entertainment [moderator],  Oliver Luckett - iBlast, Tom McMahon - Microsoft, Steve Michelson - Steve Michelson Productions)
Sep 12 2000, Vancouver, Canada
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
Keynote Speaker: DVD: Ground Zero in the Convergence Zone

Speaker: DVD Technologies and Applications

Jul 2000, San Francisco, CA
DVD Pro 2000 Conference
Award: 2000 DVD Pro Discus Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry
A picture of me looked stunned and bemused at the award ceremony.

Pre-conference seminar: DVD: Portable Broadband

Panel moderator: Connected DVD
(Co-panelists: Gary Reber - Widescreen Review, Clay Kisker - March First, Fergal Mohan - Spruce Technologies, Todd Collart - InterActual Technologies)
A picture of the panel and audience.

Panel speaker: Future-Proofing Your Content
(Co-panelists: Frederick Grossberg - Mill Reef Entertainment [moderator], Joseph Kane - Joe Kane Productions, Andy Parsons - Pioneer New Media Technologies)

Aug 2000
Audio interview: Introduction to DVD
Audio interview: Get Technical With DVD
Jun 2000, Dublin, Ireland
DVD Summit III
Pre-conference seminar: Design, Compression, Authoring
(With Andy Evans of The Pavement)

Presentation: The browser-based union of DVD-Video and ROM
(A dialog with Bob Auger of Electric Switch)

Widescreen Review, Issue 36
Article: DVD Meets the Web
Widescreen Review, Issue 35
Interview: DVD in the Forefront
Widescreen Review, Issue 34
Article: Digital Pie in the Sky: Why There Will Never be a Digital Laserdisc
Widescreen Review, Issue 33
Article: Anamorphic Widescreen: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' DVD
Widescreen Review, Issue 31
Article: DVD-Audio: Too Little Too Late?
Widescreen Review, issue 30
Article: Looking At HDTV In All The Wrong Places
Nov 30, 1999, Gaithersburg, MD
NIST DVD '99 Workshop
Standards, Applications, and Technology
Speaker: DVD-Video for the Industrial and Education Markets
Speaker: WebDVD: Enhancing DVDs for PCs and the Internet
Jun 1999, Toronto
NewMedia '99
Three Seminars 
Aug 1999, San Francisco
ZDTV Call for Help
TV interview and article: DVD 101 and Then Some
Apr, 1999
Interview: Holy Man - et intervju med DVD-guru Jim Taylor
(In Norwegian)
Mar 1999, Santa Barbara
Various presentations
Dec, 1997
Book: DVD Demystified
"The Bible" of the DVD industry.
Apr 1996
Article: Help There's a DVD Under My Bed!
Educational technology primer. A bit dated now.
May 1996
Article: A Quick Spin Around the Internet: An Analogy
Educational technology primer. An explanation of Internet protocols from back before HTML took over the world.
Jan 1991 LinguaBox
Multimedia software (Macintosh, SuperCard, laserdisc player) for teaching English to Japanese speakers. Predecessor to Quick English.

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