DVD Demystified 3rd Edition includes a DVD that demonstrates almost every feature of the DVD-Video format. It also has extras for computers. The disc was produced at TPS and authored by Song-Yi Liu at Deluxe using Sonic Scenarist 3. Raleigh Stewart created the cutting-edge menus. Thanks also to Rohit Marble and Randy Berg at Deluxe.

The disc is not region coded. The video format is NTSC, which will play in almost any player worldwide.

The DVD Demystified disc was carefully authored in full compliance of the DVD-Video specification with few considerations for player deficiencies. Therefore, it will reveal flaws in many DVD players. See the Gotcha! list below for details.

Go to the DVD Demystified WebDVD page for complete interactive control of the disc.

There's also a PDF file of barcode pages you can print out to control the disc with a Pioneer industrial player (DVD-V7400, DVD-V7200 or DVD-V7300) and a barcode reader.


DVD-Video portion of the DVD Demystified disc

AIX Media GroupBrahms Piano Quartet (multichannel digital audio)
American Society of CinematographersThe Last Supper Aspect Ratio Demo
Atomboy FilmworksDrive (2 angles)
Live Atom
Broadcast DVDMotorsports (3 angles, 2 audio tracks)
Dolby Laboratories
Dolby Digital Aurora Trailer
Dolby Digital Rain Trailer
Dolby Digital Train Trailer
Dolby Digital Canyon Trailer
Dolby Digital Egypt Trailer
Dolby Digital City Trailer
Dolby Digital Game Trailer
Dolby Headphone Demo
DTS Digital Experience Trailer
DTS Sonic Landscape Trailer
The Eagles: New York Minute Music Video
DVD International
and Alpha DVD
Mars: The Red Planet
More Tales of the City
Naxos Musical Journeys
Gnome DigitalRecipe 4 DVD (introduction to DVD authoring)
Henninger MultimediaSeized at Sea: Situation Critical
Joe Kane ProductionsSwelltone Test Sequence
Video Essentials excerpts
Library DVDDVD Disc of all Trades (introduction to DVD technology)
Lucasfilm THXTHX Grand Trailer
THX TEX Trailer
THX TEX 2: Moo Can Trailer (Surround EX)
THX Optimode (test sequences)
Microsoft WHQL and
Microsoft Studios
Robit (9 angles)
Return To Kelseyville (anamorphic)
Windows Media Technologies Trailer (anamorphic and letterbox)
Race Car (anamorphic test)
X Parade (frame drop test)
Mixed Mode (progressive/interlaced test)
Subpicture Palette (subpicture color test)
Mill Reef EntertainmentCoral Sea Dreaming excerpt (parental lock)
EarthLight images (slideshow tests)
Ovation SoftwareAVIA excerpts
Slingshot EntertainmentAlaska: Spirit of the Wild (IMAX) excerpts
TPSConversation on a Bridge (seamless multistory branching; 3 alternate endings)
TRW, Comchoice, and CVCNational Missile Defense (animation, anamorphic)
VideodiscoveryTelescope Mirror Lab (English and Spanish audio)
Zuma DigitalDesign Reel
Other goodies
Karaoke (Jim's home video from D8 camcorder tapes: The Youngest DVD Diva)
Animated subpictures
Compression samples (1 Mbps to 9.9 Mbps MPEG-1, Half-D1, and MPEG-2)
Jim's video test patterns
Random number tests
Slideshow tests
Region code check
Parental lock demo
Inverse telecine on/off test
Meet the Authors
Jacket pictures
Text data (names of titles and chapters)

DVD-ROM portion of the DVD Demystified disc

Cinema CraftCinema Craft Encoder demo [Windows]
HeurisMPEG Power Professional Tutorial [Windows and Mac]


WebDVD connections [Windows]
InterVideoWinDVD trial version (DVD player software) [Windows]
Snell & WilcoxMosalina trial version (MPEG video quality analysis software) [Windows]
SpinWarePortaNet demo (encrypted content) [Windows]
iControl demo (WebDVD) [Windows]
Widescreen ReviewWidescreen DVD Movie Guide (database) [Windows]
Other goodiesVideo test pattern source files [Windows and Mac]
DVD time/capacity calculation spreadsheet [Windows and Mac]
DVD bit budget spreadsheet [Windows and Mac]
Download time calculator [Windows and Mac]
DVD FAQ [Windows and Mac]

More disc info

Type: Dual-Layer (DVD9)
Track Path: Parallel (PTP)
File system: ISO9660/UDF Bridge (ISO 9660 Level 3, no Joliet extensions)
Jacket Pictures: present
Text Extensions: present
Macrovision (APS): not present
CGMS Protection: not present
CSS Encryption: not present
Region Coding: All Regions (0x40)
Number of VTSes: 36
Number of Titles: 95
Language Units:
    VTS #16: 8 (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Swedish)
    VMG and all other VTSes: 1 (English)

Gotcha! list

The following DVD player flaws and incompatibilities have been reported by users of the DVD Demystified disc (second edition). These are all due to deficiencies of players, not to errors on the disc. (The disc has been verified spec-compliant by three different verification programs.) This aside, some DVD Demystified discs end up being damaged by rough handling of the book. If the disc doesn't play in your player, try it in a different player.

Please let Jim know of any other problems not listed. There's more information on DVD player incompatibilities in section 1.41 of the DVD FAQ.

Marantz DV2100Can't play the disc. (Not verified.)
MitsuiNumerous errors in subtitle tests.
Philips ProDVD 170 (old firmware)Can't play the disc. (Get new firmware.)
RCA P5215Can't play the disc.
Philips DVD 701, 711, 750, 751, 761, 755, 865, 931, 940, 950, 951, 955, 957Can't play the disc unless the player has upgraded firmware (contact Philips tech support).
Philips DVD 860Can't play MPEG-1 section.
Pioneer DVD 414Can't play the disc. (Not verified.)
Pioneer DVD 515Can't play the disc.
Pioneer DVD 717A few reported problems, but usually works.
Pioneer DVL-909Can't play the disc. (Not verified.)

Info about the old disc from the first edition is here.